Don’t give in – get in(volved)!

The Institute for the development of an Inclusive Society (IRVD) was established as a private institute and a non-profit organization. Its founder and director is Sabina Kečanović.

Vključujoča družba za vsePurpose and goals

IRVD acquires and develops knowledge on the importance and the value of an inclusive society – a society for all. By providing education, training, awareness-raising, advocacy and by informing and advising, this knowledge is then spread into the inclusive public space, consequently being transmitted to individuals and legal persons alike. In this way, the latter are encouraged to overcome the causes of exclusion. In turn, this helps them to independently and equally engage in social processes and the management of public affairs, to access public services and public funding, thus, to actively influence the process of improving their social status and the exercise of the essence of communal life.

In fulfilling its purpose, IRVD works with all interested natural and legal persons, as well as civil society institutions at the local, state and international level.

Areas of activity

dont-give-inThere are already many individuals and different organizations in Slovenia that are working on promoting an inclusive society – a society for all. They are active in many different areas such as education and disability policy, active integration for employment seekers, life-long learning, intergenerational cooperation etc.

IRVD does not intend to actively interfere into these areas, since we believe that those who have for a number of years been working successfully on these issues and have achieved positive results should be encouraged and supported to continue they work.

There are, however, many open and unresolved issues in the field of encouraging active citizenship and non-profit services in providing for an open and inclusive public space. In other words, there is a need for providing adequate conditions for deliberative democracy and active participation of citizens in political processes, in shaping, executing as well as controlling public policies, regulations and actions of public authorities.

We at IRVD and our network of partners have the adequate knowledge and experiences with which he can help excluded individuals, groups and organizations to enter political processes on equal footing. Our entire field of work is associated with non-profit services of awareness-raising, advocacy and assistance in exercising control over public authorities, respect for democracy and the rule of law, prevention and restraining of deviant behaviors in managing public affairs and public assets at both local and state levels. These are the areas in which IRVD is already operating and establishing connections within the non-profit civil sector services.

ljudlje v mestuInclusive society

An inclusive society is a space of equal opportunity, shared values and knowledge, created by human and artificial intelligence; a space, where people can actually influence public affairs and thus their own social position.

Values and key goals of an inclusive society

An inclusive public space

Is a space of equal opportunity, shared values and knowledge, where citizens participate in the framing and execution of regulations and public policies at local and state levels and in such manner actively influence public affairs and their own social position, their rights and lawful interests.

An inclusive working environment

It is an environment of mutual respect between employers and employees, framed in a way that they are able to make use of their common potential of diversity for achieving greater business success, health and safety, for strengthening social ties and solidarity,
achieving a greater flow of ideas and knowledge, progress and sustainable development.